The South Yorkshire Teaching Hub is a DfE designated Hub and centre of excellence tasked with providing support and development opportunities to colleagues, at every stage of their career.

Our remit is to deliver the Golden threads of:

  • ITT
  • ECF
  • AB
  • CPD (Including the New NPQ Suite)

We develop opportunities for all colleagues and educational partners in Sheffield and Rotherham, ultimately our work is focused on developing and improving the outcomes for our young people and supporting our colleagues who teach them.


Through our two Teacher Training strands we support our new ITT trainees as they join our wonderful profession. Currently we support over 160 trainees each year.

If you have colleagues who are wanting to train to teach and gain QTS, please contact us at

We currently have two strands to our ITT offer.

The National Modern languages SCITT

Sheffield Teacher Training Alliance

Alternatively, please find information on all ITT providers in Sheffield and Rotherham here.

If your school or Trust would like to discuss hosting a trainee, please contact us here and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Early Career Framework (ECF)

What do schools need to do before September 2021?

  1. Register with the Education Development Trust if you want them to provide your induction programme.
    You can complete their online form here – make sure you select South Yorkshire Teaching Hub as the Delivery Partner.
    If you wish to run your own programme (either the Core or School-led option) you must contact an Appropriate Body to discuss how they will provide the fidelity checks on your programme (if you want to choose us, just complete the online form in point 1).
  2. Register with the Department for Education. You can do this via their online portal here.
  3. Register with an Appropriate Body to oversee the Statutory Induction of your ECTs (if you want to choose us, just complete our online form here).

That’s all the form filling…we promise!

How to choose your Early Career professional development programme

Take a look at our presentation about our Early Career Professional Development Programme, which we are delivering in partnership with the Education Development Trust:

How will the ECF professional development programme be delivered?

Schools can choose from 3 options:

Full Induction Programme (FIP)

Summary: The Hub and our DfE accredited provider,  the Education Development Trust (EDT), deliver the development programme for your Early Career Teachers (ECTs) over the two-year period. This is delivered through local face to face and online training sessions for ECTs and mentors, and includes all of the training materials and related resources.

Following our successful partnership with EDT during the pilot phase of the ECF rollout, we chose them as our provider, as we believe they offer the most cost-effective, personalised and comprehensive level of support for schools and their ECTs. In particular EDT understand the local and national context and ensure their programme is tailored to the needs of our schools. Through our experienced, local facilitators we help bring that programme to life.

Quality Assurance: For schools who enrol on the Full Induction Programme the AB does not need to carry out fidelity checks (to ensure the induction programme is underpinned by the ECF) as the programme is endorsed by the DfE. Ofsted will also QA the provider (not the school).

Appropriate Body: The AB’s role is to check that the ECTs are receiving their statutory entitlements and make the final decision as to whether the ECT has satisfactorily met the Teachers’ Standards, based on the recommendation of the Headteacher.

Core Induction Programme (CIP)

Summary:  The Education Development Trust (EDT) provides core materials which you can use to provide a development programme for your ECTs.

Quality Assurance: This programme requires fidelity checking by the AB. This will take place at three points – prior to induction, mid-point and at the end of induction. There will be additional/deeper QA to ensure the ECT receives their entitlement.

Appropriate Body: The AB’s role is to provide the regular fidelity checks as well as checking that the ECTs are receiving their statutory entitlements. They will also make the final decision as to whether the ECT has satisfactorily met the Teachers’ Standards, based on the headteacher’s recommendation.

School-based Induction Programme (SIP)

Summary: The school designs a two-year programme of support and training that covers every ‘learn that’ and ‘learn how to’ statement as outlined in the ECF.

Quality Assurance: This induction programme requires fidelity checking by the AB. This will take place at three points – prior to induction, mid-point and at the end of induction. There will be additional/deeper quality assurance to ensure the ECT receives their entitlement.

Appropriate Body: The AB’s role is to provide the regular fidelity checks, as well as checking that the ECTs are receiving their statutory entitlements. They will also make the final decision as to whether the ECT has satisfactorily met the Teachers’ Standards, based on the headteacher’s recommendation.

The Appropriate Body

What is an Appropriate Body?

Every new Early Career Teacher (ECT) needs to follow a Statutory Induction process. This is overseen by an Appropriate Body, which makes the final decision about whether the ECT has met the Teachers’ Standards , based on their headteachers recommendation.

What is happening to Appropriate Bodies?

Pre-2021 there were a large number of ABs across England. However, following the introduction of the Early Career Framework, the responsibility has moved to the Teaching School Hubs.

Our Appropriate Body

Our Appropriate Body makes the most of the collective expertise in our region. We work with partners who previously delivered AB services themselves – ensuring that their professional knowledge and experience benefits new teachers and ensures we maintain that personal supportive approach.

Our school partners

Our school partners include:  Mercia Learning Trust; Rotherham local authority; Notre Dame; and Silverdale School with Sheffield Teaching School Alliance.

How does the Early Career Framework (ECF) fit with the Appropriate Body?

The Appropriate Body is separate and independent of the Early Career Framework. The monitoring and assessment carried out by the Appropriate Body is carefully sequenced to reflect the modules covered in the ECF, while ensuring that all the relevant teacher standards are met.

You can read more on our Early Career Support page about the professional development programme we offer for ECTs in conjunction with the Education Development Trust (EDT).

Why choose us as your school’s Appropriate Body?

As well as bringing together all the expertise from our school partners, our training arm, the Sheffield Teacher Training Alliance, based at Silverdale School (an Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ secondary in Sheffield), has an impressive record of over ten years excellent ITT & AB Services.

Benefits of our service:

  • We provide advice and guidance on the induction of ECTs.
  • We make decisions on the outcome of the statutory induction for the ECT.
  • We provide all documents for guidance, monitoring, supporting and recording of outcomes.
  • You have a named point of contact within the Teaching School Hub for all AB and ECF needs.
  • We support you in the registration and monitoring of progress of the ECT, including reporting to the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA).
  • We manage the whole process via a user-friendly, online system ‘ECT Manager’ which simplifies the paperwork.
  • We provide timely, effective communication with ECT updates about both the AB service and ECF programme.
  • We provide advice where ECTs are at risk of failure and advise on appropriate support packages.
  • You receive quality assurance of assessment forms, against the Teachers’ Standards.
  • We offer ECT welcome events.
  • You receive comprehensive Induction Tutor training –  on roles, responsibilities, intervention, Cause For Concern, and report writing.
  • We create opportunities to build networks, speak to peers and share best practice.
  • You will receive regular newsletters.
  • We provide regular sessions for ECTs to support health and wellbeing.


How much does it cost?

We have no hidden costs and pride ourselves on our comprehensive, personalised, cost-effective and expert service.

The costs of our service are:

  • AB services and Full Induction Programme is £250 per ECT per year.
  • AB services and Core or School-led Induction Programme is £300 per ECT per year.
  • AB services for ‘pre-September 2021 cohort’ is £70 per NQT per term


How to register your Early Career Teachers for September

All schools need to register their ECTs with the Hub and will be able to request to work with a specific local partner if they wish to do so. 

To register your ECTs easily and quickly with our Hub’s Appropriate Body, please click here to access our sign-up page.

Instructions, along with the Q&A from our July events, can be found in our guidance document here.


Further information

If you want to read about the Appropriate Body reforms and the ECT please view our presentation from our briefing event, which is taken from one of our online events.

You can also check out our Eventbrite page here for any upcoming briefing events.


If you want to talk to someone about Appropriate Body services please contact:

Or one of our cluster leads listed below:

National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)

The new NPQ Suite is the next stage in professional development for all teachers and current and aspiring leaders.

National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) are a national, voluntary suite of qualifications designed to support the professional development of teachers and school leaders at all stages of their careers.

Why should my School or Trust register colleagues for the programmes?

  • Each course is tailor made to support your staff on their professional journey and enhance their skills and practice.
  • All content is evidence based and with local, national and international case studies, each course develops understanding and knowledge on a theoretical and practical basis.
  • The NPQs are focused on practical application so colleagues will be utilising what they learn in your settings straight away.
  • The courses are made up of face to face, online and self-study modules making them accessible and reducing the impact on timetabling.
  • The modules provide an opportunity for colleagues to network and develop their practice and understanding with their peers.
  • The final assessment is an open book response to a case study, completed over an eight-day period.
  • Scholarships are available for some of the courses.
  • The South Yorkshire Teaching Hub will be here to support colleagues and schools throughout their course
  • By choosing the NPQs, schools and trusts can have confidence that all their staff are building and developing their practice from the same evidence-based framework.

Next Steps
Find out more about NPQs on our NPQ page.

Hub community

Shining the spotlight on education in Sheffield and Rotherham.

We know how amazing our Hub colleagues and schools are, and so we’d love to:

  • Hear what is going on in your Schools and Trusts
  • Support you in your work
  • Discuss our ITT provision and the opportunities available for hosting a new trainee
  • Support your school or Trusts provision for ECTS
  • Act as your AB
  • Discuss your CPD needs and look at opportunities to develop provision in the area
  • Develop and promote networks for all colleagues in and around South Yorkshire
  • Support you in the NPQ journey and register your colleagues
  • Work with you and support projects, initiatives, and research opportunities
  • Promote opportunities in your Schools and Trusts to all our partners in the region
  • Involve you in the Hub and develop your impact in our region.

If you are interested in any of the above or would like to discuss your ideas or needs further, please contact us on and we will be happy to help.

We are your Hub, so we want to ensure, it is a collaborative, supportive and impactful nucleus for all colleagues in Sheffield and Rotherham.

Advertising School Vacancies

We want to ensure we have the very best people working in Sheffield and Rotherham schools. Our teaching vacancies come directly from the Department for Education’s National Teaching Vacancies website, which is completely free. You just have to list your vacancy and, we will promote the listing. Or if you would like to discuss how we can further support your recruitment, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

If you want to advertise support staff vacancies, please contact us directly.

For both you will need to provide:

  • your full name
  • your work email address
  • the name of your school or trust
  • your school URN (unique reference number) or trust UID (unique identifier). You can find these details here.