Why work in South Yorkshire?

South Yorkshire boasts the best of city life and beautiful countryside. There really is something for everyone here, from walking and relaxation to restaurants and nightlife, football to theatre, art to rock climbing. South Yorkshire is amazing place and one that over 1.4 million people call home.

People relocating to South Yorkshire can’t believe how friendly people are and with a great atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and surprisingly cheap living costs, it’s no wonder you’re looking for a job in the area.

More importantly, in Sheffield and Rotherham you will find the most wonderful schools with students and colleagues ready to welcome you to their community.

So if you are a local or want to become a local, we’ll bring you all the jobs in the area and if you have any questions, we’re an email away.

Remember to keep up to date with the latest opportunities through our website or social media platforms.


Support staff vacancies

Teaching Assistant Level 1

Salary: Grade 3 £19,650 - £20,043 (pro-rata)

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Salary: Grade 1 - £18,328 ( Actual part time salary £7,881 )

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Senior Teaching Assistant Level 3

Salary: Grade 5 - £23,953 to £26,446 (pro rata)

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Behaviour/Pastoral Team Member

Salary: Grade 5 - £23953 to £26446 (pro rata)

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Cover Supervisor (x3)

Salary: NJC Grade 4, Scale Point 07: £20,444 to 12: £22,571 gross per annum pro rata

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Cleaner (x3)

Salary: Grade 1, Point 01-02, £18,333-£18,516 pro rata

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Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Salary: Grade 5, Scale Point 15-20, £23,953-£26,446 (pro rata 39 weeks)

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Exam Invigilator

Salary: Scale Point 4 (£10.99 per hour currently)

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Finance Officer

Salary: Grade 5 / Scale point 15 – 20 (£23,541 - £25,991)

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Lunchtime Supervisor

Salary: Grade 1 – £18,333 - £18,516 Actual Part Time Salary £3,135

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Exam Invigilator

Salary: £10 - £13 per hour

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Level 2 Teaching Assistant

Salary: £19,650 - £20,043 pro rata

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KS5 Safeguarding

Salary: Grade 6 SCP 21-26 £26511 - £ 30451 (pro-rata)

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Building Supervisor

Salary: Grade 4 (Point 7–12) £20,444 – £22,571 Actual Part Time Salary: £13,812 - £15,249

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Teaching staff vacancies

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Want to advertise your school’s vacancies?

Our teaching vacancies come directly from the Department for Education’s national Teaching Vacancies website. So you just have to list your vacancy with them and, as long as it’s in Sheffield or Rotherham, we will automatically pick it up and share it with our community. You can find out more about registering with the national Teaching Vacancies website here

We know how important our support colleagues are, so if you want to advertise support staff vacancies please contact us directly.

For both you will need to provide:

  • your full name
  • your work email address
  • the name of your school or trust
  • your school URN (unique reference number) or trust UID (unique identifier). You can find these details on our Get information about schools page.