Whole School Assistant

Main Functions
1. To draw up and maintain an inventory of equipment for the department.
2. To draw up and maintain an inventory of stock for the department.
3. To maintain department resources keep a record of stocks.
4. To order materials and tools via normal academy procedures, as required and authorised by the head of department.
5. To prepare materials for lessons, as requested by each member of department, using the appropriate machine or hand tools.
6. To carry out daily tasks as directed by head of department or Senior Leader.
7. To demonstrate methods and techniques to students during lessons, as requested by the appropriate member of staff and under their direction.
8. To provide classroom support as required, under the direction of the head of department.
9.To ensure each teaching room is tidy and clean, including the cleaning of sinks, draining boards and the tidying of bookshelves. To liaise with the caretaker or the cleaning supervisor if the standard of cleaning falls below an acceptable level.
10. To ensure all tools and equipment are stored securely after use.
11. To work with departmental staff in the development of new projects.
12. To ensure all students’ work and unused material is returned to the appropriate storage area.
13. To assist in preparing classroom and corridor displays and carry out other basic admin tasks as required.
14. To arrange for the regular safety inspections of all machinery and equipment, including the inspection of dust extraction plant.4
15. To ensure the technician’s workshop are kept secure, clean, tidy and free from all hazards.
16. To ensure each teaching area is locked and secure when not in use.
17. To maintain a record of each department’s risk assessments.
18. To carry out daily visual checks of all machinery before being used by students.
19. To report all Health and Safety hazards to the appropriate head of department.
20. To ensure departmental first aid boxes are kept up to date and stocked.
21. To undertake appropriate professional development as directed by the head of department, including the use of CAD/CAM, CNC and ICT equipment.
22. To carry out other tasks reasonably requested by the head of department, in accordance with the post holder’s skills and qualifications.
23. Update displays around school site.
24. Carry out First Aid as needed for school
25. Working across the Food technology and design technology areas, having a knowledge of food preparation – working towards Food hygiene qualification, alongside training in specific woodwork machinery (Training can be given

Closing date for applications is 23rd July 2021.

For more information visit the Birley Academy website.