School Crossing Patrol Warden

Kiveton Park Meadows Junior School are looking to employ a School Crossing Patrol Warden. Key Duties/Areas of Responsibility will include:

  • Controlling individuals or group of children wishing to cross the road ensuring their safety
  • Instructing children to wait on the pavement before crossing
  • Authorising children to proceed when it is safe to cross the road
  • Ensure traffic does not proceed until all children have safely crossed the road
  • Informing the Customer Services Officer/School Crossing Patrol Section of any motorists causing road hazards near the crossing point
  • Report any children who misbehave to the appropriate Head Teacher
  • Ensure the cleanliness of uniform and the Stop Sign
  • Inform the School Crossing Patrol Section when Amber Flashing Warning Lights are not working or are faulty

Closing date for applications is 26th April 2022!

For more information on the role, and how to apply, click here to visit the Rotherham Council website.