Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

An exciting opportunity is now available for an outstanding Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant to join Acres Hill Community Primary School in order to support children over the lunchtime period. As a Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant you will be responsible for supervising children during the lunch break. Duties include supervising children eating their lunches in the school dining area and also supervising and engaging with children in play activities in outside areas. The ideal candidate will be:

  • Reliable, versatile and enjoy working with children.
  • Able to engage with children and take part in activities over the lunchtime period.
  • An enthusiastic, team player and be able to build good relationships with children, parents and staff.
  • Able to supervise the children at lunchtimes in the playground and the dining room and will be prepared to contribute to the development of a positive approach to lunchtime play.
  • Able to encourage children to practise appropriate table manners and maintain a calm atmosphere in the dining room

Closing date for applications is the 1st September 2021!

For more information, visit the Sheffield City Council Website.