Deputy Pastoral Manager

As a Deputy Pastoral Manager at Abbeywood School, they have the same outlook as you. They know that enabling positive outcomes for young people facing complex challenges isn’t an overnight fix. That’s why they need a committed and exciting individual, who is ready to start work every day with a fresh outlook and welcome the children into their learning opportunities. Their work with the children isn’t about them; they are a team who are all about the children all of the time.

The great thing for you is, you won’t be alone in your goal to have a positive impact on our pupils’ lives. You’ll have all the support you need from the team.

You will need to be able to build trusting relationships with the pupils to help them manage the learning challenges of the day. They all wear different hats here and in order for the pupils to succeed, you will need to think on your feet.

Day to day, you’ll carry out just some of these areas listed:

  • Support other staff members with pupils who are experiencing challenges with learning
  • Coach and mentor staff members to get the best from pupils in and out of the classroom
  • Support pupils with worries and concerns and help them get support from the right people in and out of the school
  • Work one-to-one with pupils to support them into making better choices about their behaviour and how they can react
  • Help to keep disruption to a minimum in the school and de-escalate any challenges you do face with your impressively calm, rational approach.
  • Write and review risk assessments and positive behaviour plans, as well as reviewing data from incidents, looking for trends or ways they can do even better to support pupils through their unique ITAC meetings.
  • Work closely with their therapists to make sure every pupil gets all the mental health support they need to be able to enjoy a fulfilling school experience.

For more information on the responsibilities involved, and information on how to apply, please visit the Tes Website.

Closing date for Applications is the 31st August 2021!