The Diocese of Hallam is moving to establish two new Catholic Multi-Academy Trusts within the Diocese with all 47 Diocesan schools and academies, including all remaining voluntary aided schools, becoming part of one of them. They are looking for two outstanding leaders to help shape and forge these Trusts.

Their Catholic schools are a vital part of the Diocese of Hallam’s mission. Their schools are crucial to the life of the Diocese in announcing the Gospel and are able to do this in ways that parishes alone cannot. They are places where everyone is valued as a child of God, where every individual is enabled to mature towards their full growth in Christ and achieve their full potential. They teach a holistic understanding of the human person and society in which all are included so that humanity can flourish.

Establishing the new Catholic Multi-Academy Trusts has the full commitment of the Bishop of Hallam and the Diocesan Trustees. They will be established in early 2022. Each Catholic MAT will be of a similar size with 23 or 24 schools and approximately 9,000 and 8,000 pupils respectively. They are geographically organised around existing families of Catholic schools. One Catholic MAT brings together the Sheffield and Barnsley school families and the other the school families for Rotherham, Doncaster, Chesterfield and North Nottinghamshire. There will be a phased approach with approximately 10 schools in each Catholic MAT in phase 1 but with all schools joining their Catholic MAT by September 2022.

Their new CEOs will need to be strong, experienced, dynamic and visionary Catholic leaders who will build on their successes and embrace their values as they continue on their trust’s exciting journey. They will need to work closely with the Diocesan Trustees, the CMAT Directors and the DfE to set up two highly effective Catholic MATs that reflect the latest thinking in multi academy trust formation and they will need to work collaboratively across the two Catholic MATs.

They are keen to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion at all levels especially leadership. They feel that having greater diversity in their leadership team will not only enrich and enhance their performance but also provide more representative role modelling for all of their young people that they are supporting, nurturing and inspiring.

Closing date for applications: 3rd June 2021

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