Child Support Assistant 1:1 SEN

Todwick Primary School are looking to welcome a temporary part time support assistant to provide 1:1 care and assistance for a year 3 child with special educational needs and a diagnosis of autism. As the post is in relation to a specific child this can only be a casual, temporary post. Please be aware that the contract could be changed or ended if the child was to leave our school or the specific needs were to change. They are looking for someone who has experience of handling children firmly but kindly in an educational environment. Knowledge or experience of autism would be highly advantageous however training will be given. The role will involve:

  • Supporting the student directly in lessons.
  • Support with day to day activities e.g. PE / changing / dressing.
  • Working on an individual basis with the student in lessons and through individual intervention work.
  • Encouraging appropriate behaviour towards peers and adults.

The aims of the role are:

  • To support the student to make expected progress and achieve their full potential.
  • To keep the student safe and well at school.
  • To continue to develop age appropriate self-help skills.
  • To promote increasing independence, self-confidence and mobility within a safe environment.
  • To develop an awareness of risk and danger in various settings.
  • To continue to develop skills to access the curriculum effectively.
  • To develop concentration skills.
  • To develop the student’s enthusiasm to learn.

Closing date for applications is the 6th December 2021!

For further information on the role, and how to apply, visit the Rotherham Council website.