Teaching is more than a career – it’s a vocation that leaves a legacy that changes generations. Use your skills to challenge, inspire and change lives, in a secure career where you can progress and grow.

There are so many reasons to become a teacher in our region. Teachers are always in demand  – and you’ll make a difference to our young people & our communities today and for years to come.



1. Making a difference
2. Job stability and career progression

1. Making a difference

Teaching is so much more than standing in front of a room of students and sharing knowledge. It’s a chance to make a genuine difference to the lives of children and young people. As well as opening their minds to a whole range of exciting subjects, you can help them learn important life skills that will shape them as individuals. As a teacher, you will help give children the best start in life, whatever their background. Everyone remembers the teacher who inspired them and made a difference – that could be you!

2. Job stability and career progression

Teaching is a career for life. It is a career which could see you stay in one school teaching generations as they come through your doors, or it could be one that sees you work and have impact in different schools and regions or countries.

Whichever suits you best, you can receive a lifetime of personal development and professional progression in our education community. This means that your own journey continues to develop to meet your own needs and those of the different generations who will pass through your doors.

Teaching is also a career which is filled with opportunities. Opportunities for promotion could include becoming a head of department, head of year, joining the senior leadership team, becoming a SENCO (supporting students with special needs), becoming a headteacher or training and supporting other teachers at all stages of their careers. Compared to many other jobs, teaching offers stability in an ever-changing world but also offers more opportunities for you to find your niche or develop a range of skills in different areas.

3. Work-life balance

Teaching is challenging, exciting and hugely satisfying. As a teacher, days can be long but you’ll get a great holiday allowance and a career that fits around your personal needs.

Working term-time only, allows you to spend more time with your family during the holidays, making childcare more manageable. While a portion of your holiday will be spent preparing for the new term, you will get the time to unwind, relax, spend time with friends and family, and travel – giving you a great work-life balance.

4. Job satisfaction

Being a role model for the next generation, educating and guiding them through their early life, and igniting new and life long passions within them, is incredibly rewarding. Many people tire of the mundane 9 to 5 desk job and look for something more exciting. With a teaching career, there is one thing you can be sure of: variety. Teaching a diverse range of pupils, exploring different subjects and topics, and planning exciting lessons means that every day is different.

5. Financially supported training

Teaching is a skill that is in great demand and therefore it is one of the few career paths in which there is financial support available to help you train. Taking a year out of earning could be a huge hurdle in making the move to becoming a teacher. However, tax-free bursaries, scholarships, and salaried training opportunities make it more achievable to take a year to train to teach. Learn more about the financial support available for teacher training.

6. Competitive salary and fantastic benefits

Newly qualified teachers in South Yorkshire and across the UK can expect to receive a salary of at least £25,714 per year. As you progress in your teaching career, your earning potential rises to as much as £125,098 (for the role of a headteacher in central London). With schools granted the freedom to reward teachers based on performance rather than the length of service, you can rapidly increase your salary and your impact on the life chances and opportunities available to our children and young people. Additionally, teachers can expect to receive a generous pension package.

Ready to start the next chapter? Find out how to apply to start the journey to becoming a teacher.

Support staff vacancies

Lunchtime Supervisor Assistant

Salary: Grade 2 - £10.60 per hour - £20,441 (pro-rata) - Actual Part Time Salary £3,779

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Payroll Manager

Salary: Grade 7 – SCP 27-31 (£33,820 - £37,261)

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Temporary Inclusion and Social Development Coordinator (x2 posts)

Salary: NJC SCP 27 – 31 £33,820 - £37,261 pro rata

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Teaching Assistant – Level 3

Salary: NJC SCP 7 – 12 £22,369 - £24,496 pro rata

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Site Supervisor

Salary: Grade 5 SCP 15-20 £25,878 to £28,371

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Catering Supervisor

Salary: Grade 3 £21,575 to £21,968 (£17,455 - £17,773 pro rata)

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Careers and Employability Development Manager

Salary: Grade 7 SCP 27 – 31 £33,820 – £37,261 (£18,492 - £20,373 pro rata)

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Exam Invigilator

Salary: Grade 2 SCP 4 £10.98 per hour plus holiday pay

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