Fusion TSA has a strong track record in supporting colleagues in a variety of settings, to address the needs of its staff in building confidence and capacity in addressing an increasingly diverse population

Fusion TSA can deliver an extensive programme of training courses and workshops, provided by a team of Specialist Teachers who support primary and secondary schools, pupils and families.  Their S2S Teachers are exceptionally qualified and experienced professionals who bring a wide range of knowledge, skills and understanding to supporting children’s learning.  

Here are just a few of the training courses they could provide you with.  Please contact them to discuss any area of CPD that may suit the needs of your setting.  they are happy to deliver training to schools, localities, across families of schools and MATs.


  • Introduction to Dyslexia
  • Creating Dyslexia Friendly Classrooms/Schools
  • Literacy skills for SEND children (e.g. writing, reading, FFT, Write Away Together etc)
  • Reading comprehension – Inference
  • Comprehension: Teaching – Not Testing
  • Differentiation
  • Dysgraphia
  • Visual stress
  • An Introduction to Working Memory – teaching strategies to support short term working memory
  • Supporting Children in the EYFS with SEND  
  • Teaching and Embedding Vocabulary Across the School (KS1/KS2) 
  • Developing Partnerships in Mathematics and SEND workshops
  • Understanding Dyscalculia
  • Using Manipulatives in Maths 
  • Precision Teaching
  • Emotional Regulation 
  • Tools for Self-Regulation
  • Supporting Autistic Children in Schools
  • ASD children Key Stage 2 SAT’s inference skills
  • Reducing anxiety levels and possible self-harming
  • Introduction to friendship groups – Lego Groups, Group Play
  • Positive behaviour management including de-escalation training
  • An Introduction to ADHD 
  • Attachment (including understanding ACE’s)
  • An Awareness of the Difficulties of Attachment and Trauma in Young People
  • Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Classroom and beyond
  • PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance)
  • An Introduction to Nurture, attachment and Nurture Groups
  • Social Stories
  • Developing independence
  • Shape Coding support workshops
  • Clicker 7 support
  • Cued articulation
  • Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting
  • Sensory circuit workshops
  • Working with children & young people with Down Syndrome
  • SENCo training
  • New to being a SENCo programme
  • SEND review training and completing SEND reviews
  • Governor training


Fusion’s team includes specialist teachers and trainers who can deliver the following accredited courses:

  • Moving and Handling Awareness training .
  • Team Teach .
  • Makaton (they can also deliver workshops on Total Communication, Using Signs and Symbols, PECS, Cued Articulation, Eye Gaze and other communication aids).
  • Essential Autism Awareness (National Autistic Society).
  • Engagement Model training – (DfE).
  • Sleep workshops by a qualified Sleep Practitioner.


For more information please email: enquiries@fusiontsa.co.uk or call 0114 2509756.

View their website at: https://fusiontsa.co.uk/continuous-professional-development/

Events feed on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/fusion-tsa-12244228805