The Research Led Sheffield Programme is a collaboration between Learn Sheffield and Huntington Research School. This includes the Sheffield Associate Research School which is based at Notre Dame secondary school and is working closely with Huntington to continue to build local capacity.

The link between family income and educational attainment can be broken.

This programme brings schools together to explore practical, evidence-informed approaches for breaking this link and in doing so raising the attainment of children most at risk of underachieving. Engaging with the best available evidence on high quality teaching, whole school approaches and targeted academic support, this programme provides support for school leaders to review and update their Pupil Premium strategy so that all pupils can flourish.


  • Explore the evidence with supports the tiered approach and how this impacts your schools’ Pupil Premium Strategy.
  • Identify the right priorities for your school and develop plans to implement evidence-informed processes, practices and programmes.
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of your Pupil Premium Strategy and how to refine it to best effect.

The following four live sessions will be delivered via Zoom:

  • Session 1 – 26th January 2021 2-4pm
  • Session 2 – 24th February 2021 2-4pm
  • Session 3 – 24th March 2021 2-4pm
  • Session 4 – 20th May 20212-4pm

In addition to attending these live sessions there is an expectation that participants will engage in an asynchronous launch and three intersessional tasks. There will also be the opportunity for optional follow-on support. The success of the programme is as dependent on the intersessional activities as it is on the live sessions. Therefore it is recommended that participants calendar 90 minutes between the live dates in order to engage with these tasks successfully.

Booking on the first session enrols you for the whole programme. The cost is £295 +VAT (per place).  

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